Reveal Review

Reveal Review is a comprehensive document review platform with the flexibility and scale to manage any legal matter regardless of size and scope. With options available to accelerate and prioritise review, this tool seamlessly provides search, filtering, and document organisation features that enable you to efficiently manage the entire process from batching to production.

Artificial Intelligence

Reveal offers out-of-the-box, pre-trained AI Models which can be added to your workflows, solving the cold start problem inherent in reactive litigation and investigations.  Models are continually developed by Reveal’s team of data scientists and can detect a range of compliance & ethics behaviors from fraud to discrimination, identify sensitive data like PII, and locate privileged conversations.

Active Learning

Use multiple modes of supervised machine learning that continuously evolve based on human coding decisions. Each decision made by the subject matter expert is automatically incorporated into the training process to improve the effectiveness of the model and then present the most relevant documents to the user.

Linguistic Intelligence

Rapidly explore and uncover hidden connections between people, places, and things. This unique approach can dramatically accelerate data analysis by presenting facts about topics and people or detecting anomalies within your data set.