Aim: For litigation teams to be able to make informed decisions about strategy and scope through reliable methods based on verified data.

In the past, analysis was primarily focused on using analytics to reduce the number of documents in the review step. As the complexity of e-discovery has increased, analysis of various analytics at every step of the EDRM process has been implemented to improve efficiency.

Content analysis

Content analysis is about understanding the circumstances, facts, and potential evidence in a litigation with the aim of improving search and review.

Search enhancement

Incident Response Solutions are experienced in supporting legal specialists with search enhancement analysis. With our powerful tools and at your direction, we can perform clustering, family relationship analysis, keyword analysis and deliver reduction in the quantity of data to be reviewed. Our documentation can give you confidence that these processes will be defensible in court.

Review enhancement

More than simply culling data, we can organise the data before it goes to review. Based on your particular requirements we can categorise documents so as to give your reviewers managable, topic based subsets of data to review.