Nuix Discover

Nuix Discover provides processing, analytics, and machine learning-powered review in a single platform. Backed by innovative, integrated customer success programs, Nuix Discover is the trusted choice for organizations worldwide.

Rapidly Review Relevant Documents

Dramatically improve the efficiency and quality of your document review, boosting speed and relevance with machine learning technology, delivering profound time and cost savings.

Find Facts and Patterns, Fast

Let your whole legal team use advanced data visualizations and everyday analytics to quickly find key facts and patterns in your case data.

Activate Productive Workflows

Manage all your litigation projects using multi-tenancy reporting and tracking; rapid start-up, training, and support; and cross-functional eDiscovery workflows that make you more productive.

Our Nuix Certifications

  • Nuix Certified Partner Sales Professional
  • Nuix Discover Saas Onboarding
  • Nuix Certified Technical Engineer – Foundations Refresher Course