Aim: Perform actions on ESI to allow for metadata preservation, itemization, normalization of format, and data reduction via selection for review.

Extract from EDRM

At a point in the e-discovery lifecycle (“Lifecycle”) following preservation, identification and collection it often becomes necessary to “process” data before it can be moved to the next steps of the Lifecycle. Some primary goals of processing are to discern at an item-level exactly what data is contained in the universe submitted; to record all item-level metadata as it existed prior to processing; and to enable defensible reduction of data by “selecting” only appropriate items to move forward to review. All of this must happen with strict adherence to process auditing; quality control; analysis and validation, and chain of custody considerations.

Your requirements

You have too much data after your collection, little of which is relevant. You need local expertise to reduce your data volume while preserving as many of the relevant documents as possible.

How we can help

Using our state-of-the-art technology Incident Response Solutions can bring data from various sources and formats, produced by a vast array of programs, and index it into a standard format. Not only can we process a huge variety of data, we can also do it quickly. Due to the volume of data produced during eDiscovery collection reviewers can be swamped with irrelevant data. Our tools can handle removing known-irrelevant, duplicate, or near duplicate files. In cases where potentially relevant data is interspersed in confidential or private data, our experts can help to filter only for relevant files.

Our processing methodology yields consistent results in terms of the effort, time, and costs.

Tools we use for processing include:

Magnet Axiom

Forensic software used analyse evidence from mobile devices (including smartphones with iOS, Android and more), computers and cloud sources. Can handle hash set exclusions, de-duplication, and near de-duplication


Nuix Workstation delivers a consistent, repeatable, and forensically defensible process across each item and data source.

Nuix Workstation is the world’s leading technology for extracting intelligence from high-volume unstructured, semi-structured, and structured data. It saves you time, increases productivity, and streamlines workflows.