Aim: To prepare and produce ESI in an efficient and usable format in order to reduce cost, risk and errors and be in compliance with agreed production specifications and timelines.

Extract from EDRM

With the unprecedented increase in the amount of electronically stored information (ESI) that is being created and stored in the corporate community, there has been a corresponding increase in focus on how the data that has been collected and reviewed is ultimately produced in civil litigation and regulatory investigations. Because of the complexity, the potential costs and the significant risks associated with producing ESI, the topic has been addressed in a growing number of articles, white papers and judicial opinions. […] The production of ESI continues to present challenges in the discovery process even though specific rules have been drafted, commented on, redrafted and approved to address the issues.

This section addresses the options and the variables for the production of ESI.

IRS can support your team in producing documents in the format you require. We can also offer advice on what formats may be appropriate from a technical perspective.